This is not just a haircut ­ it’s an experience, like life-coaching for your hair. Come with your questions and a confusing world will be detangled in front of you, whether you’re looking to start a better everyday beauty routine, get product recommendations, or simply get inspired to try something new.

No one deserves the same cut. I’m not the Curl Police or a slave to one curly method. I know that even as a card-carrying member of Curlies Club, your hair texture and growth patterns are as unique as your fingerprints. At The Curl Co, I want you to find your way to love your curls.

When curls are combed out and cut wet, they spring back, revealing holes and bulky spots once they dry. I cut your curls dry. That way you and I can watch the shape emerge together, working with your curls and their spring factor while they sit how you actually wear them. Genius? I think so.

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